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My Drawing for Book Cover

My father and his friends has Project, called Proyek Nulis Buku Bareng . This group is gathered the faceboooker to write and make a book.

And the first Project of that group is Masa Kecil yang Tak Terlupa -. Abi, asked me to make some illustrations on that book and the cover of the book is also mine.

here is the original one

Masa Kecil yang Tak Terlupa
Masa Kecil yang Tak Terlupa
cover-masa kecil tak terlupa
cover-masa kecil tak terlupa

Mushroom Land


Today we travel to the wonderland.
On the gate way of that land we meet a little girl.
“Welcome to MushroomLand!” says a little girl.
“Here you can find alot of fun!” she continous
“My name is Roomy… ”
“Well my friends, here you can find flying rabbit over there..”
“And of course this chicken, he’s name chicky…!”
“The Rainbow, here, we can see it everyday…!”