This Drawing 2 Winner of the 2011 Tux Paint Summer Contest

On August 2011 may father told me that there was drawing contest from [ you can see the announcement here ] – then on September i made a drawing and Abi sent it to

After waiting for about 2 week Abi told me that the announcement had released and I’m the 2nd winner of that contest… Oh Alhamdulillah (Thank Lord)! I will get OLPC [One Laptop Per Child] from You can see the announcement here

Do you want to know my drawing?
Just see ot below

holiday in the jungle
holiday in the jungle

Mushroom Land


Today we travel to the wonderland.
On the gate way of that land we meet a little girl.
“Welcome to MushroomLand!” says a little girl.
“Here you can find alot of fun!” she continous
“My name is Roomy… ”
“Well my friends, here you can find flying rabbit over there..”
“And of course this chicken, he’s name chicky…!”
“The Rainbow, here, we can see it everyday…!”

Ngaji [Learning Qur’an]

Learning Quran
Learning Qur'an

“OK students, repeat after me.. A.. Ba… ta…. ” says Ms Aisha to the santris [students]
“A…. Ba… Taaa…!” say them all together.
“Well now, who wants to try read it, raise your hand?”
“Me….!” the boy sits in front says loudly
“OK, c’mon!”
“A…. Ba… Taaa…!”
“Well done!”

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